Monday, February 1, 2010

Day Thirty-Two

Afternoon recharge...

Last night was a long restless night for our little family.  Ava went to bed an hour early and this Momma should have known better and not let her go to bed prior to 9pm (kicking self now).  So at about midnight Ava woke up and did not go back to sleep until after 3:30am.  That is the last time I remember seeing before I finally was about to drift off. 

Ava has been cutting molars which she does handle surprisingly well.  She will run a fever when the process starts and then after that will have periodic crankiness and lack of an appetite.  The biggest sign that Ava is teething is her rebellion against sleeping.  I guess all in all I do consider myself lucky to have such a trooper because those teeth look like they hurt something fierce. 

Ava has never ever been a sleeper and is a night owl like her parents.  In fact she was up for two straight hours after her birth just looking at everything.  Should have known then that our little miss would be a night owl.  People told me she just had her days and nights confused and if that is true then she still does.  I love that she is like us in that respect because since neither of us are morning people I don't know what we would do with a child that was. 

In fact little miss is currently dancing around in front of a mirror saying happy (haa-pee) and giggling.  This age really is just so much fun.  Ava is very independent and really doesn't like to be bothered.  If she wants you to play with her she will bring you a toy but mostly she likes to be left to herself.  When she is tired she will bring you a book and when she is ready to cuddle she will lay her head on your lap.  However, when she is "doing her thing" it is fun for us to just sit and watch her.  Every so often she will look to see if we are watching and laugh or smile. 

Now let me get back to last night and our total lack of sleep.  Ava was up, dressed, and in the car by a little after eight and NOT happy about it.  She got over that quickly when she saw Nan at the door ready to take her.  She LOVES being at Nana and Poppies and will literally jump out of my arms to go to Nan and then turn and tell me bye.  It's nice to know she doesn't cry or get upset when I leave and she runs to greet me when I return.

Today when she came to greet me and I could tell she was also feeling the lack of sleep.  When we got home she took her nap and I did homework.  It would have been nice to catch up on some sleep with her but it was quiet and I had some chapters to read.  When her Daddy got home I went up to brew up a pot of coffee for our afternoon recharge.  Normally I only drink coffee in the morning but today was a two cups of coffee kind of day.



Ava got an apple...

 Let's hoope for a few more hours of sleep tonight.