Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our week in review

I just realized I never actually completed and posted anything this week.............oops.  I have been working on a bunch of things but haven't actually finished the projects so the posts are only half complete as well.  It's just been that kind of week I guess.  I have a post about my Creamy Cheesy Chicken that is awesome and so good that there is never leftovers, I am also making my own DIY BB blocks to use for photos of the new baby,  a valentines day post, and some more.  So hopefully I can get those all finished and updated this week.

Today we went thru all of the plastic bins full of Ava's baby stuff.  We were able to pull out some blankets, towels, and some clothes that were neutral.  I plan to make a trip to babies r us soon for a few newborn neutral items, soaps/lotions, new parts for my pump, and other nursing necessities.  Ava pulled out some bitty baby toys and rattles and wanted to give them to baby grass now.  She instructed me to open my belly so she could give baby grass "his" toys.  She mostly says him/he/his and occasionally says hers so who knows.

Here is my latest picture for week 29...

Not much else happened just a few trips to Nans, gymnastics, and attempts at getting organized for baby #2.  Oh I was sad to find out that Ava's gymnastics place is most likely closing at the end of April.  I really don't want to have to take her somewhere else and what a time to be switching...............the end of April..................really?!?!?

Well dinner is about done and this Momma is hungry so I'm going to run.  Keep a look out this week for our valentines day fun....................homemade valentines cards, sugar cookie hearts, and red velvet cupcakes :)  Plus whatever else we come up with to do.  I'm thinking maybe mini volcanos since Ava loves it and I've never posted it.  Oh and I just bought a big box of baking soda.  Ok really I'm going to go eat now...................till next time.

Ok one more crappy cell phone photo of Ava making the sugar cookie dough a little bit ago.  Seems these days I'm becoming the helper and watch while she creates.

Ok now really that's it............................battery is dying on the computer and dinner is calling me.