Monday, November 8, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun!!!

While I was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework, little Missy came out of her room with a tutu in hand and asked for me to put it on her.  I did and she spun on the spot and ran back to her room.  I could hear her in there talking and carrying on so I grabbed my camera to see what she was up to.

The hats were for me....apparently I needed to dress up too ;)
Then I put on a movie for her hoping she would settle in for a nap.
She settled in but she didn't take a nap
She even started to nod off a bit so just to prevent any accidental Zzzz's from being caught she switched her seat.
So like a lot of days here lately we are going without a nap.  This never bodes well for my doing homework which I had to give up around 3pm because she was in quite the mood.
An example of said mood is shown in this picture.  I had asked, "Ava, can I see your horsey" to which she responded "Ugh".  I think the look tells it all.  We see that look A LOT on no nap days.

Here's to hoping there is an early (before 10pm) bedtime tonight so that I can try to finish up what is due tomorrow.  There is nothing like trying to finish homework in my car in the 10 minutes I have before class starts. 

Little Bitty Smart One

For your Monday morning...well not quite morning...viewing pleasure, I bring you a few videos courtesy of my phone.  Ava gets smarter and smarter everyday day.  It's amazing at how much they absorb at this age.  I encourage learning during playtime and we go over our colors, shapes, numbers, letters, etc every chance we get.  I'm hoping to have a nice day this week to go out and pick some leaves that are different fall colors and do an art project with them.

The first two videos are just her playing and doing her best to ignore me and the fact that I'm taping.  Don't you just love how smart toddlers are already.  They already know to stop what they are doing if they don't want it taped...grrrhhhhhhhh.

Here is silly Ava with silly Daddy.  Before I turned on the camera she was making hilarious noises but of course as soon as she saw me she all but stopped.

Here she is playing with a necklace she found in her dress up box.  I was hoping to catch more of the chatter box but she turned the key and tossed it away since the camera was on. 

Here she was telling me her shapes.  I was trying to get her to tell me the colors too but she wasn't interested in that portion.

Then we played with her animals.  I swear these little plastic animals are her absolute favorite thing to play with.  She is way more into animals then dolls at this point which reminds me a lot of her Aunt Katie.

Finally, she told me her colors.  I threw in a cow at the end because I couldn't find anything else brown.  I think I confused her though...oops.  Next time I should just use her markers.