Monday, February 8, 2010

Day Thirty-Nine

Tummy aches and cabin fever...

I did not feel like taking more pictures of snow today.  In fact the views haven't changed because nothing has melted and it's still a mess.  If fact they are calling for up to another foot of snow to start tomorrow evening sometime.  I am hoping we only get six or so inches because really there is so much snow that there is no where to put more. 

So today I was feeling kind of blah.   Well to be more exact I am pretty sure cabin fever is sinking in and to add to it my stomach just hasn't felt well for a few days now.  So tonight I decided a simple salad was in order.  I knew that wouldn't give me that "full" feeling so I blended up a smoothie with strawberry's, banana, and oats. 


Tomorrow I will be doing a little baking.  I bake when I am bored and since tomorrow will be another day with no where to go I will have to bake.  Not sure what I plan to bake just yet...I always decide last minute.  Hopefully my stomach is feeling better by then so that I can enjoy whatever I make.