Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day Ninety-Four


Here are some photos o our beautiful Easter day.

Pre-Nap (1st part of the day)
Post-Nap (-pants, +sweater)
It was a GREAT weekend.

Day Ninety-Three

Historic Adventures...

Saturday was a nice day so we packed a lunch and headed south to St. Mary's City.  When we arrived we found a picnic table and I covered it with our outdoor blanket and set up lunch.  It was very nice getting a chance to have a family meal out in the sunshine.

After lunch we got our tickets and started out on our tour.  We have been once before but it was last Labor Day and the park was closed so we could not go into the buildings or the ship.  Ava LOVED the ship and would have stayed in the officers bunk for her nap had we let her.  Her little vocabulary is really blossoming and as she was introduced to new animals she learned what they were and was able to pick them out.  It is so amazing to watch.

I love days out with my family.