Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday 6-9

This week I am thankful for a great birthday.

 and getting to use my awesome Mother's Day gift
 and for sparkly shoes
 and for an easy to please toddler
 and for ice cold sweet tea
 and side ponytails
 and stripped shorts
 and that picnic baskets come with plastic cups
 and airplanes
 and ever growing little feet
 and for farm fresh fruit
 and yummy sugar cookies
 and giggles galore
 and my fold up waterproof blanket
 and for Nana and her yummy birthday cakes
 and for my birthday dinner...
 ...with my family
 and for not having to blow out 28 candles.

**Update on Ava and her none girl status**

Ava:  My Daddy is a boy
Me: Yup
Ava: My Mommy is a girl
Me: Yup, and my Ava is a girl too.
Ava: No, I not a girl
Me: Your not...well, what are you?
Ava:  I'm an Angelina Ballerina

Guess I could have argued that Angelina Ballerina is a girl but I'd be arguing with a toddler and we all know that toddlers win all arguments. 

Love that Shot-Oh, So Dramatic

My only formal photography training is in Black and White photography.  I took a class on it in high school and continued in college.  I love how dramatic it can be and surprisingly diverse given the limited color spectrum. 

Love that Shot-Summertime Treasures

I don't know if it is the yellow, the hat, or the bright green of the trees but for me this says summer.