Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let's get ya'll caught up shall we

So I fell a bit behind on processing my photos and before I knew it I had 400 some odd random photos needing processed. 

Aunt Katie and I took Ava to the county fair and it was a blast.  The weather was perfect fall weather, parking was a breeze, we got there early and beat the crowds, oh and we all got in for free.  It was student day and apparently Kate and I qualify as college students....score!!

 Baby chicks awesome

 The pig cool

 Weiner dogs appropriate...more properly pronounced Dachhunds and no that's not doc-sun it's docs-whoond but anyways
 ...the victory lap so sweet
 Ava's proudest moment...she still talks about her white pony.

 her happy grin
 look at her <3

 Giant slide trip #1

 Mommy and Ava on the Ferris wheel

 She rode the train all by herself...well with other kids.  I asked if she wanted to go with Mommy or by herself and she said "I do it by myself"

 Giant slide trip #2

 Giant slide trip #3

 Giant slide trip #4

Actually she rode that ride six times so I must not have pictures from them all.

After the fair we were off to Nan's for lunch.  It was a good day!

I still have more catching up to do but I'll have to break the posts up.  So I guess this is all for now.