Thursday, March 15, 2012

Springtime Scavenger Hunt

Today was one of those days that Ava just wanted to be lazy.  No matter how many times I asked she said she didn't want to go outside.  In fact she didn't want to get dressed either.  Blame it on the time change which led to sleep issues and her busy day yesterday leaving her exhausted.  Finally I turned the TV off and said lets go on a scavenger hunt.  She asked what that was (we haven't done one since last summer) so I explained that we would make a list of things that can be found outside and then go try to find them.  She got excited at this point and was willing to get dressed and have her hair done.

After getting her ready to go outside we sat down and made our list.  Then I grabbed my camera and we headed out.  We took a picture of her with each item we found or at least tried as some of the winged creatures didn't stay still long enough.

Our list....I forgot to take a picture of it until after we found the first item.

 Ava with the white flowers

 Hello Spring!!!

 With a pink rock
 With a purple flower
 With a yellow flower
 With a stick
 With a clover
 With a pinecone
 With a piece of corn
 With her big brown leaf.

After finding all of her items she then sat and drew them with sidewalk chalk.  It was pretty hot out for what we are use to so we came in and had popsicles after we were done.  She enjoyed this little activity and it was easy without needing any planning.  We will have to do it again in a few weeks when we have more colorful flowers and the leaves have all come back.

I have taken some other random photos of our outdoor adventures over the last few days so I'll come back and post them later.  I still have some left to pull from the camera.