Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finding Motivation

I am trying to get myself excited to take photos again.  It seems like every time life gets hectic my photography takes a hit.  In the beginning of the year I joined a few flickr groups that have different themes for photos every week (then school happened sooo...well I think I did maybe two weeks then stopped).  However, the point is to help me to reach outside of my comfort zone and try to photograph things that I wouldn't normally consider.  Last week I entered these photos...


theme~ Seperation

MCP Actions Project 52 

theme~ Reflection

Sixty-four colors round 2

color~ White

not all of the themes for this week have been posted but I plan to make a list of them tomorrow so I can attempt to shoot a photo for each.  If I can do two I will be happy especially since my birthday is this week.  Can't be two hard on myself but we'll see.  

I'll leave you with a cute conversation I had with Ava yesterday.  We are working on the concept of boys and girls.  

Ava: My Mommy is a Girl
Me: and my Ava is a Girl too.
Ava: I'm not a girl Mommy, I'm a Princess
Me: You're right, you are a Princess.

♥Love Her♥