Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day Ninety

A Long Wednesday...

This morning Ava and I ran errands then when we got home I had to do the Wednesday task on cooking dinner in the afternoon.  I leave for class at 3:30pm and try to have dinner done before I go since I don't return until after 8.  I'm running out of things that can simmer on the stove for three hours and not burn or require any additional work.

Day Eighty-Nine

Looking up....

Last night I just wanted to lay down and I just didn't feel like taking a picture.  It was late, I was tired, and I just couldn't find anything interesting around.  So I laid down on the floor looked up.

Then I look to the right...
Then Ava came over to show me she put a bow on her head.  She thinks it's pit-ee.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day Eighty-Eight

Attack of the Ava Monster...

This evening I went out with my Mom to Target to get some plastic bins for the now re-organization and cleaning of the basement.  There is nothing like forced spring cleaning.  While we were there I picked up a few things for Easter and some chocolate covered peeps.  Yup, you heard me right.  Those Easter classics covered in chocolate.  A Mom on my forum let us all know about them the other day and since then there have been Mom's everywhere searching for them.  This Mom got lucky and my Target had them.

then someone tried to steal my candy...

The not as good as the original.  Where was the sugar coating...that was my favorite part.  Also it was a different kind of marshmallow.  I guess you just shouldn't mess with a good thing.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day Eighty-Seven

Sprung a leak...

Earlier today I was going downstairs for something when I saw this.

I thought that looks wet so I bent down to feel it hoping the shadows were playing tricks on me but nope it was wet and it smelled.  I opened the door to the unfinished basement and there was water everywhere. Smelly, dirty, disgusting, sewage water.  Imagine concentrated porta potty smell in your house...not exactly welcoming.  Here are a few shots of the section where we store things.

The pump has been repaired, the floors cleaned, and the many boxes moved out and some sorted through (the bottom ones did not fair well).  Tomorrow they will have to be put back.  I am showing you these to explain why I do not have better/more appealing photos to share.  These photos are what you get.  They document a less than restful Sunday.

Day Eighty-Six

Spending the day at Nan and Pop's...

Yesterday Ava and I went up and sat with Pop so Nan could go to one of my cousin's wedding's.  Ava and I weren't going so we offered to sit with Pop since he didn't feel up to going.  It's good for Nan to get opportunities to get out of the house. It was fun to get to see how Ava plays there since most of the time when she is there I am in class.  It brings back memories of when I use to play there.  The funny thing about Nan and Pop's is that unlike most other houses their house still looks the same now that I'm bigger.  Their have been flooring chages, paint changes, etc. but it's still the same.  I don't know how to explain it.  Nan and Pop's house has always felt like a clubhouse full of imagination, fun, and yummy treats.  There is almost always cake and ice cream available.

Ava was sitting in her chair eating a snack while I took the opportunity to snap a few quick photos.  Here is a Nan decorated window.  She has such unique ways of adding color and magic.

Right below that window is a violet plant.  For as long as I can remember there has been one there.  I remember back when I was small enough to sit up in that window I would rub the velvety leaves and just stare out into the world.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day Eighty-Five

Did I mention how happy we are with Netflix?

We now have the ability to instantly watch movies on our TV via our Wii.  So awesome!!!

Day Eighty-Four

Almost more than a day late....

Ok, so Ava has her first cold EVER so I did get the pictures taken but just didn't feel like getting on to post them.  Not that the cold is bad but it's one of those things.  The cold caused Ava to not sleep well which results in night terrors which just plain suck.

The photos are of Ava's Raggedy Ann doll that my Aunt Bev gave her.  It was made by another one of my Aunts and it's adorable.  It ever has I love you and a heart on it's chest.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Eighty-Three

A different perspective...

In class today we did two more postural assessments on two new clients.  It is such a privilege to get people in for us to practice and fine tune our skills.  We are learning how to see the body from a new perspective.  To be aware that just because a person says they have lower back pain doesn't mean the "problem area" is their lower back.  The body is all connected and sometimes the pain we feel is the area we are using to compensate for another weakened or injured area.  If you don't address the weakened or injured area then you can never really fully address the compensation site.  It's really amazing to see how someone stands and then note all of there slight rotations, tilts, depressions, elevations, etc and mimic it to feel what they feel.  It's the small things that add together and create the big picture so tonight I carried that theme over into my photos and took photos of small parts of larger objects.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day Eighty-Two

Quite Simply...

Today was my first day back to massage class since spring break and it was nice to get back.  Ava's Grammy came to visit today.  She got there when I was at school and I came home to her rocking little miss in the recliner.  She was out...poor thing was tired since she got up early with Mommy this morning.  I'm sure Aaron enjoyed having him Mom there to give him a little break since this is his vacation ;)  Ava doesn't allow for relaxing...hahahaha.

We spent the evening at my Nana's for dinner.  Dinner was scrumptious...there is always something so comforting about dinner at Nana's table.  I'm so thankful to get those kinds of opportunities and even more thankful to get to share them with Ava.

Then Ava decided she wanted to take a photo.  She knows to press the big gold button :)  I set the focus to auto and faced it away from her and she pressed the button.

Impressive :)  Maybe I am raising a future photag cause this kid LOVES the camera.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day Eighty-One

Rain, mid-terms, and cake...

I started back to school today after being on spring break for a week.  It was beautiful for almost all of spring break but today there was rain.  I went to my morning class for a midterm and when I got out it was pouring.  I was so not prepared for it.

I got home and relaxed with Ava and Aaron.  I made goulash for dinner which I hadn't had in years.  My Mammaw use to make it.  During dinner my Mom, sister, and I were talking about what we needed at the grocery store and Aaron said birthday cake.  He wanted the candles and all.  So they came downstairs after they got back with a cake and candles and sang him Happy Birthday.  It was pretty hilarious since his birthday was back in January.  He had cake but no candles.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day Eighty

Chatting it up...

Sometimes if you just sit and listen to your child you will hear and see some amazing things.  Here is Ava telling us about her day. 

I love listening to her gibber in her own little language.  She normally throws in some real words but there is nothing like gibberish.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day Seventy-Nine

Dawning of a new Era...

We did it...we finally did our research and cut ties with blockbuster.  We are now official members of Netflix and it's only been a few days but I LOVE it.  We already have our first movies and we have starting catching up on Weeds which we haven't been able to watch since we moved.  I do miss showtime and hbo but this is making up for it.  I also got to watch a chick flick during Ava's nap the other day.  We don't rent many because, well, they are chick flicks.  Speaking of movies...we have one to watch so tonights post is being cut short.

Day Seventy-Eight

Outdoor fun...

Yesterday after lunch Ava and I went out to play in the yard.  Aaron was out trying to repair a brick-lined flower bed that had collapsed under the weight of all of the snow we had.  There were also some more that lined the driveway that got knocked over by the plow truck.  He joined us to play before Ava's nap.

I got all of the photos processed but never got back on to post.  Here they are...

then she took her shoes off...

Now to take pictures of something for today.  This project does not allow laziness and some days it is nice to be lazy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day Seventy-Seven

A beautiful day and a duck fight...

Today was such a nice day and I'm starting to feel semi-human again.  Aaron was home with us so we went to the park this afternoon.  I took some photos of the views and wished I could have captured one of the best of the day but my hands were full.

We were feeding the ducks so I was holding Ava and the bag of bread which did not leave a hand for a camera.  Plus I am one of those super paranoid people who always pictures myself dropping my valuables in the water.  So picture me standing over water with Ava and the camera...the camera was for sure going in.  So seeing that I could not have my camera in hand I will have to paint the picture for you.

We began feeding these two small ducks who were nearby and slowly more and more ducks began to come over.  This mallard came over and he was a lot larger than the other.  He must have been the leader of the pack because there was an older looking mallard of equal size but this mallard pushed through even him.  He came over and flapped his wings and almost pulled himself completely out of the water.  He made quite the show puffing out his chest and fluffing his feathers.  He was really quite mean so we tried to throw the bread to those on the outskirts of the circle but that would send him after those ducks.  Well the smallest mallard and the largest mallard got into it.  It was such a scene that they threw water splashing up over the walls like waves crashing onto the beach.  We had to run to not get wet.  I really wish I could have caught it because it would have been an amazing photo.

I did capture some other images from today and they are pretty favorite is the last one :)

There is just something that I LOVE about pictures of Ava and her Daddy.  It's like my world captured in one single's all there.