Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day Eighty-Two

Quite Simply...

Today was my first day back to massage class since spring break and it was nice to get back.  Ava's Grammy came to visit today.  She got there when I was at school and I came home to her rocking little miss in the recliner.  She was out...poor thing was tired since she got up early with Mommy this morning.  I'm sure Aaron enjoyed having him Mom there to give him a little break since this is his vacation ;)  Ava doesn't allow for relaxing...hahahaha.

We spent the evening at my Nana's for dinner.  Dinner was scrumptious...there is always something so comforting about dinner at Nana's table.  I'm so thankful to get those kinds of opportunities and even more thankful to get to share them with Ava.

Then Ava decided she wanted to take a photo.  She knows to press the big gold button :)  I set the focus to auto and faced it away from her and she pressed the button.

Impressive :)  Maybe I am raising a future photag cause this kid LOVES the camera.