Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ava kind of says it's like's so cute!!!!

This year getting her all done up and ready to play in the snow is much simpler.  Last year we had so much snow she couldn't even walk in it and when I tried to dress her is her snow boots she just cried.  Here are some video flashbacks of last year. 

This year she was way more into going out in the snow, sledding, and building snowmen. 

 Zooming in on her cold little face

 We had to improvise his features since we weren't prepared to make a snowman.  His poor eye kept falling out so Aaron said he was a pirate snowman.  Ava was happy just to have a snowman and didn't care either way.

We don't have much snow left in the yard but we did head back out again today.  I can't wait for it to snow again and maybe even a bit more.  Just not as much as last year....that was too much.