Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mommy Santa...Mommy Santa...Mommy look SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those were the words that came out of Ava's mouth when she got to see Santa last night.

My Dad's work does a big Christmas party for the kids of the employees so he signed Ava up for it.  They had a ton of games and a moon bounce and at the end Santa came and handed each of the kids a gift.  They really went all out and put the focus where it should be....on the kids.

They handed us all a slip with where to find the photos and I was surprised to see they were already up today.  I thought I would share them with you.  Ava took her first picture with Santa when she was about a month and a half old.  It was on black friday and there was no line so I figured why not.  Last year we didn't take her because I HATE malls and there was so much talk of the flu that I just figured it wasn't worth it.  Last year Ava was in a very bad "don't like men" phase and would cry whenever men talked to her.  Needless to say I knew standing in a two hour line with a one year old only to have her cry and refuse to sit with him just wasn't worth it.  Talk about traumatizing for both Mom and child.

This year however she is all about Santa and points him out whenever she sees him.  In fact all she talks about now is Christmas, Christmas trees, lights, and Santa.  Guess the holiday love was bound to wear off on her because Aaron and I LOVE this time of year.  We love to decorate and watch holiday movies.  I just wish we could extend it so it lasted longer.

So let me just describe Santa a bit for you.  Santa was seriously amazing!!!  He was larger than life and had a full deep bountiful HO HO HO kind of voice.  He had a big white beard and the bluest blue eyes.  He was a storybook come to life right there before us.  He even played the cool is that.  He even came complete with Mrs. Claus...the whole package.  She was sweet and had a soft voice and just a great addition to the night.

Here is Santa entering...Ava was the first kid to see him because we had gone outside since she was getting sleepy so she could get some air.

Here we are with Santa.  Right before we went up to see him she was all giddy and shaking with excitement.  Then the closer we got the harder she clung to me.  She looks completely not enthused in the picture but she was really just tired.  All day she has been asking to go see Santa again.

Here she was this morning playing with her new baby doll.

She was sick on Thursday and I was so happy she was feeling well enough to go.  She really was just cranky and running a fever but I think it was all teething related because she seems to be ok now.  I want to find something festive to do with her next weekend...maybe we can go somewhere to see a lights display :)

Did I mention that I LOVE the holiday season.