Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sink or Float: A fun preschool learning activity

With the rain, snow, and cold I am always looking for new activities we can do indoors.  We typically do Ava's workbooks and some sort of art activity everyday.  This fall and winter we have been adding in lots of baking and cooking as well.  It's been a good hands on activity for Ava and of course we end up with something yummy to enjoy when we are done.  

Last week we tried sink or float and it was a big hit.  I took a bowl and went around the house gathering lots of random small waterproof things to use.

Then I created a quick spreadsheet for our results and for me to keep track of what we have done already.

I used a large mixing bowl as our water basin.

 and two cake pans to sort things that sink and things that float.
Then I grabbed my munchkin and explained what we were going to do and let her have at it. 
 She would get the item and decide if she thought it would sink or float
 Then drop it in the basin and observe.  We did 3-4 items at a time in the bowl so she could see some floating and some sinking. 

 Of course the appeal of playing with water in the winter was exciting too.  It will be fun in the Spring to take a basket and gather things from around the yard to compare.

 Warning...your child will manage to get wet...a few hand towels are a good idea.

 We actually ended up doing this a few times so they second time instead of recording the results since I already had those I instead went back with a green pencil and recorded her guesses. (second set not pictured)
 After everything had been sorted we compared the items in each cake pan.  We talked about what they were, what they were made out of, were they heavy or light, etc. 

That's it for this activity but I've been all over pinterest pinning more ideas.  No promises but I'll try to post about one activity each week.  Tomorrow we'll be heading to the bookstore for more workbooks and I think we are both excited about that :)  Lot's of learning and exploring to be done.