Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the other side

I hate hate hate being on the other side of the camera and rarely take self portraits or have my picture taken at all.  I don't know why but I think its a control issue.  I like to be the one choosing the settings and placement, etc.  Even when taking a self portrait it is hard because I cannot be in two places at once.  I set it to where I think it should be, set the timer, and hope it all works out.

Yesterday I was sitting on the floor with Ava in her room.  She was watching the school bus dropping off the kids in the neighborhood and the lighting was pretty decent and I was bored.  I have been trying to play more with the camera so I thought it's been at least a year so why not.  I took a few others but still haven't transferred them to the computer.  I am still doing all of my processing on our old computer which is super slow and I had to get Ava to her hair appointment so I stopped after processing this one.

If I attempt a self portrait again anytime soon I think I'll do it while Ava is entertained.  It was hard to get a good shot with Ava trying to "help".  I do need some new shots of her and I so maybe this week that will happen.  I asked her yesterday to be in the picture but she insisted she should take the picture and Mommy smile.

So anyways here they are....ugh.....I hate self portraits...hahahah.  Talk about totally outside of the box that my introverted self likes to live.

and in black and white

The lighting is totally off and was a little too harsh and I had to compensate in the editing so my skin looks funny but it is what it is.  Next time I'll take a little more time setting up.