Saturday, March 26, 2011

A busy weekend...


My Mom is busy finishing the painting of the great room,  Aaron was busy promoting himself (his classes) at the local track, and today I busied myself putting together Ava's new swingset.  Her Poppie ordered it for her and it came in yesterday.

I was able to get the climber and slide together and began doing the other side before Aaron got home and I stopped.  Ava played on the slide for almost two hours straight and is in love.  When Aaron came home we ran out to Lowes and Target for more supplies for our big project tomorrow.  My Mom, Ava, and I already spent a good part of the morning at Home Depot gathering supplies but they were short a few things.  If you are wondering what our next project will be a new home for two very special bunnies who we went and picked out yesterday.  I have been in contact with a local bunny rescue and Katelynn, Ava, and I met up with my friend Cristal and her daughter at the Petco to look at a few of the rescues.  I decided we wanted two because who wants to live alone.  The bunny rescue is called Bunny Magic and if you are in the area and are willing to open your home you should give them a call.   The adoption coordinator was nice enough to send me over some photos to share of Gilby and Myrtle who we are renaming Max and Ruby.  It's one of Ava's favorite shows and she already knows how to say the names which is a plus :) 

This is Max (Gilby)

and Ruby (Myrtle)

We are getting so excited and I can't wait to have them home.  Tomorrow we will build the structure of their home and then I will get the supplies together and hope to be able to bring them home by the end of the week. 

Ava was so good at the pet store and would lay next to the cages or sit and ask about them.  When I was holding Myrtle she said Mommy that's Ava's rabbit and that sealed the deal.  I was already sold on Gilby.  Uh it was so hard to decide when you really just want to say I will take them all.  I mean really, how do you pick?  So I had to decide on a system because it really was hard to pick one over another.  Basically I went with whoever calmed to my touch the quickest and whoever seemed to be pretty calm in the rather chaotic setting that is Petco...haha.  I just figured whoever didn't mind that noise definitely wouldn't mind the noise of toys, a child, and a TV since their abode will be right where we typically hang out.

More pictures will be featured in the very near future of our new family members :) 

Here are a few cell phone photos from our last few days since I didn't carry the big camera.  One is of the bunnies and the others of Ava playing on the swingset as I assembled.