Saturday, March 26, 2011

A busy weekend...


My Mom is busy finishing the painting of the great room,  Aaron was busy promoting himself (his classes) at the local track, and today I busied myself putting together Ava's new swingset.  Her Poppie ordered it for her and it came in yesterday.

I was able to get the climber and slide together and began doing the other side before Aaron got home and I stopped.  Ava played on the slide for almost two hours straight and is in love.  When Aaron came home we ran out to Lowes and Target for more supplies for our big project tomorrow.  My Mom, Ava, and I already spent a good part of the morning at Home Depot gathering supplies but they were short a few things.  If you are wondering what our next project will be a new home for two very special bunnies who we went and picked out yesterday.  I have been in contact with a local bunny rescue and Katelynn, Ava, and I met up with my friend Cristal and her daughter at the Petco to look at a few of the rescues.  I decided we wanted two because who wants to live alone.  The bunny rescue is called Bunny Magic and if you are in the area and are willing to open your home you should give them a call.   The adoption coordinator was nice enough to send me over some photos to share of Gilby and Myrtle who we are renaming Max and Ruby.  It's one of Ava's favorite shows and she already knows how to say the names which is a plus :) 

This is Max (Gilby)

and Ruby (Myrtle)

We are getting so excited and I can't wait to have them home.  Tomorrow we will build the structure of their home and then I will get the supplies together and hope to be able to bring them home by the end of the week. 

Ava was so good at the pet store and would lay next to the cages or sit and ask about them.  When I was holding Myrtle she said Mommy that's Ava's rabbit and that sealed the deal.  I was already sold on Gilby.  Uh it was so hard to decide when you really just want to say I will take them all.  I mean really, how do you pick?  So I had to decide on a system because it really was hard to pick one over another.  Basically I went with whoever calmed to my touch the quickest and whoever seemed to be pretty calm in the rather chaotic setting that is Petco...haha.  I just figured whoever didn't mind that noise definitely wouldn't mind the noise of toys, a child, and a TV since their abode will be right where we typically hang out.

More pictures will be featured in the very near future of our new family members :) 

Here are a few cell phone photos from our last few days since I didn't carry the big camera.  One is of the bunnies and the others of Ava playing on the swingset as I assembled.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A hot cup of tea...

As I sit here enjoying my green tea and attempting to begin writing my goal and hypothesis for my two case studies I glance over at the quote on my tea bag.

"The rhythm of life is when you experience your own body, mind, and soul."

Something I can only now understand and have felt through my massage school experiences.  Without massage I would never have been able to truly appreciate this quote. 

Now back to my case studies...just thought I would share.

Oh and I noticed that my daughter is wearing the same green dress in an awful lot of her recent pictures.  I guess that's what happens now that I allow her to pick her own attire.  She must really like that dress.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is coming...

We spent a lot of time outside this weekend.  In fact for the last few weekends we have been making it a point to get out and about.  Saturday we went to the park and Ava fed the ducks and we ran into Uncle Doug and Chris who were there fishing.  The first park was a bit crowded so we headed to one down the street so Ava could play on the slides.  We were ok for a bit but then that park became crowded by kids who were much bigger than Ava so we headed home.

I tried to catch a photo of the mega moon that night but it was too far behind all the trees.  This is the best I could do.

Scary to think my little baby will be 22 before the moon is that big again. (Insert very dramatic sappy sigh)

Today we ran errands and then this afternoon we headed out to the yard to play.  Ava's Poppie ordered her swingset which will maybe be here by next weekend.  She will be so happy to have a big slide of her own.

 the trees are beginning to bloom

Yes she has a messy face...I don't always bother to chase her with a washcloth directly after every meal ;)

 Breaking out the side walk chalk for the first time since the fall.

 The yard is starting to regain some color.  A little red and green and not as much brown.

My spring break is up and I go back to school tomorrow.  I have about six weeks left and then I'm done.  I have enjoyed my week with my little bink and it has felt great to spend some extra time together.  I can't wait till our summer of gymnastics, art classes, and field trips.  Plus another trip to West Virginia.  Another trip to peaceful, less populated, less connected, beautiful, wonderful West Virginia.

Well I must run because a certain little miss is trying desperately to nod out next to me and it's a few hours too early for that.  Must engage operation keep Ava awake.  Till next time :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Where did your socks go?

Everytime I turn around my child has removed her socks.  It doesn't matter how cold it is she just doesn't like her feet to be covered.  The only way she doesn't remove the socks is if she has shoes with laces on.  However when she says Mommy shoes off please how can I say no plus it's always followed by a Thanks, that.

Luckily the weather is starting to warm up and she won't have to wear socks for much longer.  Warmer weather and more moisture in the air will hopefully mean she will also not have to deal with such itchy skin and her curls will be bouncier.  As much as I actually like cooler temperatures and hate the humidity my child was designed for it.

She took her socks off and told me she had stinky feet.  They weren't stinky but she sure got them dirty.  I don't think she cared.

I also attempted to get some photos of Ava and I.  The focus was off but some were so cute.  I was able to salvage this one with a good deal of editing to compensate for the fuzzy focus and off lighting.  I think I will try again soon with an outdoor set up so I don't have to spend hours saving the rest of the photos I took.

I just asked her who was in the photo and she said Ah-va and Kate-e...when I said no silly that's Mommy she cut her eyes at me and laughed.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Haircut

Ava has curly hair so I have held off a bit on getting it cut but it was starting to look uneven and her ends were split.  She just got a simple trim but she did so well.  She sat in the chair like a big girl the whole time.  I couldn't move around too much because she would try to follow me with her head.

 rewarded with a lollipop which is a special treat since she never gets to have them. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the other side

I hate hate hate being on the other side of the camera and rarely take self portraits or have my picture taken at all.  I don't know why but I think its a control issue.  I like to be the one choosing the settings and placement, etc.  Even when taking a self portrait it is hard because I cannot be in two places at once.  I set it to where I think it should be, set the timer, and hope it all works out.

Yesterday I was sitting on the floor with Ava in her room.  She was watching the school bus dropping off the kids in the neighborhood and the lighting was pretty decent and I was bored.  I have been trying to play more with the camera so I thought it's been at least a year so why not.  I took a few others but still haven't transferred them to the computer.  I am still doing all of my processing on our old computer which is super slow and I had to get Ava to her hair appointment so I stopped after processing this one.

If I attempt a self portrait again anytime soon I think I'll do it while Ava is entertained.  It was hard to get a good shot with Ava trying to "help".  I do need some new shots of her and I so maybe this week that will happen.  I asked her yesterday to be in the picture but she insisted she should take the picture and Mommy smile.

So anyways here they are....ugh.....I hate self portraits...hahahah.  Talk about totally outside of the box that my introverted self likes to live.

and in black and white

The lighting is totally off and was a little too harsh and I had to compensate in the editing so my skin looks funny but it is what it is.  Next time I'll take a little more time setting up.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A cold trip to the park...

We went to the park earlier and since the sun refused to show it's face it was a bit on the cold side.  I pulled up my weather app and it said 48 degrees.  I would describe it as cloudy, brisk, and breezy.  Not quite park weather but we layered up and braved the cold in hopes to soak up a bit of vitamin D through the clouds.  I did have to eventually pry Ava away and she shed a few tears which quickly disappeared when I told her we were going home for lunch.  She quickly started telling me her "order".

I had a bittersweet realization on Sunday at the grocery store.  The magazines are at the end of the baby aisle and Aaron always stops to look at them.  As I pushed Ava down the aisle and looked around I realized we no longer need ANYTHING down that aisle.  We never really needed much down it since Ava was 100% breastfed and I made her baby food so we only ever really picked up soap, lotion, diapers, and wipes.  (Makes me wonder how much I saved by not buying formula and food??)  Ava has to now use a special soap and lotion for her sensitive eczema prone skin and it's in the first aid area.  Also, she is as of the last month 100% potty trained and no longer wears pull ups at all.  She did for a time still wear them to bed and on longer car trips.  I am so proud of her potty training success but it also has forced me to realize that my baby is becoming a little girl.  She is growing up and becoming more and more independent each day.

Where oh where has my little baby gone....

shoot one 459e

shoot one 478e

shoot one 506e







Day 78.5

Just some of the many photos that make me cry every time I see them.  Having a toddler is so fun but man o man are babies scrumptious.  Every chubby, wrinkled inch of them.