Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Forever in my heart...

Today we laid you to rest Pop.  My heart aches at the loss of the most amazing man I ever knew.

Pop I sit here trying to think how I can put into words or even begin to explain how great a man you were.  I never understood as a child how lucky I was to have been blessed with such amazing Grandparents because the innocence of childhood had me believe that all Grandparents were like mine.  I thought everyone had a poppie but you were one of kind.  All the games of pool, wagon rides, naptime stories, trips to McDonalds, and just hours you spent entertaining us.  You were so much more than just a Grandfather, you were our playmate; you were Poppie. 
I remember that night I sat with you as you slept in your hospital bed just a few short weeks ago…I sat there looking at you and thinking that I wanted to just scoop you up and take you home, put you in the wagon and take you on a trip to McDonalds or around the yard.  I just wanted so desperately to get you home where you belonged.  I am so grateful for the time we had together during your last weeks.  It was an honor to care for you…to get you a drink, a popsicle (or icicle as you called them), to help you roll over, and to massage your feet.  It gave me great joy to be there for you and attempt to give back for being there for me for everything.  For making my childhood so special. 
You were a role model in so many ways and you were still showering us with your love even after you were gone.  You were the kind of man who arranges to have flowers sent to his wife to thank her and tell her you love her days after your death.  You were the kind of man who makes sure that his sweetie pie…his baby doll has an Easter gift from her Poppie.  Thank you for being you Pop, for loving me, for caring for me, for playing with me, for making Ava feel so special and for being such an important person in her life. 
Your love for Nana and your devotion to your family was like something straight out of a storybook.  If you hadn’t been my Poppie I probably wouldn’t have believed such a wonderfully amazing person really existed.  You melted my heart every time I saw you with Ava.  She was your world and I knew that Wednesday when we were leaving and you just kept telling her that you loved her that you knew something was coming.  You did not deserve to have so much pain.   It is selfish of me to have wished you stayed longer because I know you were in pain but it is so hard to let you go.  I find comfort in knowing you will no longer have to feel that pain.  I will kept your memory alive for Ava and continue to tell her stories about her Poppie and I will hold your love deep in my heart until we meet again.  I love you Pop.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Max and Ruby

The first few days they didn't venture far outside of their litter box where they sat munching on hay. 

Now Ruby almost always meets me at the door and Max slowly makes his way over to have his back rubbed.  Ava is doing so well with them.  She loves to help sweep up the cage, fill their bowls, put hay in their litter box but her favorite is watching them run around the exercise pen.  She tells them over and over to go through their tunnel again. 

 She was waiting for food but then played shy when I opened the door.
 She tucked her head under max so I couldn't see her.