Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big Changes

I wasn't so sure how 2012 was going to go because at first it seemed things were going to have to get a lot tougher before they started to get better.  However after a little hope and a lot of patience it looks like things are turning around.  Aaron starts a new job Monday and not only it is the type of job he has been looking for but it also seems to have a lot of promise.  The company has been so welcoming and the opportunity for growth is very strong.  It has to be a great feeling to have a company as excited for you to start as you are.  I couldn't be happier for him.  He has stuck out some pretty tough situations and dealt with more than I thought he was capable of.

The timing of course is perfect because in just a few short months our little family of three is going to become a family of four.  Yup, for those who didn't already know we are expecting a new bundle of joy this April.  Ava has named the baby grass but she keeps going back and forth on whether baby grass is a boy or a girl.  Guess we will all just have to wait until April to find out.  We decided to go team green this time around.  We already have all the basic baby necessities and besides the obvious of boy clothes if baby is a boy we really don't need too much.  I need some new parts for my pump and other baby things we no longer stock in this house like diapers, wipes, soap, lotion, etc.  We will be purchasing a new bassinet this time around because the cradle didn't fair too well when we moved.  All in all though we are lucky to not need too much. 

Here is baby day #2 (pictures of pictures...I haven't gotten the chance to scan them in yet)

 A large foot aka baby big foot
 Another profile with a little baby fist in view

and here are a few baby bump pictures.................nothing fancy just phone pics :)
24 weeks
25 weeks
26 weeks
I'm due for another picture and I've definitely or should I say baby definitely has hit a growth spurt because holy belly.  Our date was changed by the ultrasound but my midwives said they will just stick with the original date of the 27th and not the new date of the 20th because they said they only change if it's 10 days or greater difference.  So I'll just go with once April 20th rolls around it's game on.  Oh and I guess speaking of midwives...........I'll update on that a bit.  With Ava I used a pretty well known local OB practice and while I didn't dislike them I decided this time I wanted less medical intervention.  I don't want to hear the words induction or pitocin and I feel like OB's tend to through those out there a bit too much.  I was not induced with Ava.  My water broke before I even left the house but I would rather be encouraged to hold off on such things and not persuaded to use them.  I'm not going to rule out the work epidural lol but I'd like to be giving more information and consulted more in the decisions which I feel my midwifery team will do.  Already they seem so much more laid back and less text book.  This is supposed to be a natural process and not a surgical procedure so please don't view me as a textbook and/or non-textbook case.  Anyways off my rant about that and back to the baby.  Much like last time Aaron nixes every name I come up with and so far only one boy name has managed to remain "tentatively" on the list.  I imagine as soon as he can come up with a reason to dislike it he will.  Names cannot remind him of anyone or anything so it's a bit tough. (Fun fact:  Ava was initially ruled out last time but he came back around to it)

So there you have it...not much else has changed.  We are excited and nervous about all the new changes that will be taking place but I think 2012 will be a good year.  Oh and in a few months when I'm posting at 3am while nursing a newborn for the 1000th time, running on zero sleep, and making no sense whatsoever just ignore me.  If I remember correctly a newborn brings on a brief period of insanity and confusion.  At least this time I have a pretty smart little three year old to set me straight :-)