Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Santa has his list and I have mine.  Last night we finished the cookies and I checked them off my list.  I mentioned in a post yesterday that after years of searching I finally found a sugar cookie recipe I am happy with.  I even tried a little something new with the icing and I am much more pleased with the end results.

The dough was easy to work with and the cookies are soft and chewy.  The icing was a good consistency and was not too sweet.  Next year I am going to go with the gel food coloring vs. the liquid grocery store kind because the color just don't come out bright enough.  Oh and this year I baked the cookies the day before which left me much less exhausted than I normally am even with baking two kinds of cookies yesterday and then decorating the sugar cookies.

Here are our cookies :)  Another one of our traditions from when I was little.  The decorating of sugar cookies...it's not Christmas without it.

 Little Miss saw me taking photos of the cookies and asked for one.
 Don't mind the attire...it's cold and she is in layers.  I also just noticed she lost her hair bands during her nap.