Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meet Layla...

A few weeks ago my Dad told us about a dog that someone he works with had found.  She was covered in around 100 ticks and malnourished.  They took her in and tried to find her owners but they were unsuccessful.  When they decided to turn her in at a local shelter my Dad took her to try to find her a home.  He took her to the vet and they said she was probably an Amish dog and was around 1.5 years old.  She has had a litter and still needs to be fixed.

We all met her and she is so mild mannered, calm, with a sweet little face.  We just had to give her a home.  Not to mention she tolerates everything Ava does including trying to dance with her, cover her in blankets, and try to pick her up.  She still needs fattening up and is clearly still dehydrated and anemic.  My Dad said she isn't even as skinny as she originally was but I think given a few more weeks she will be nice and plump and healthy :) 

I think it's funny how dainty her face is compared to chestnut
 Ava's covering her so she could sleep (ignore the weird blue haze...I forgot to change the white balance)

 Ava being a little Mommy

 and the old man watching everything from the corner of the room.  He likes to lay on top of the a/c smart of him.

I think we have a trip to petco in store for us this week :)