Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Two Hundred and One

Just another morning in the backyard...

On the really hot days we like to get out and play early before the sun gets above our heads.

Day Two Hundred

The National Zoo...

My cousin called and asked if I would like to take Ava along with her and her daughter to the zoo.  I had been thinking about taking her and knew she would really enjoy it.  I had asked Kate if she wanted to go to since neither or us had school that night.  No way would I have attempted that on a school night because missy didn't take a nap and her Daddy normally appreciates me making sure she gets her nap in.  She has my attitude and temper so we all know it's best if she has a nap.

Ava did even better than I could have imagined.  We met Jamie and Juli at Nan and Pops and I drove to the metro.  I packed a bookbag with the essentials, grabbed the lightweight stroller (folded up), and put Ava in the Ergo.  Kate helped me by carrying the stroller since I was wearing Ava.  It made the metro trip and switching of lines so much easier.  Once we were at the zoo she got in the stroller and was surprisingly content to stay in that almost the whole day.  We had to park the stroller at a few indoor exhibits.  The at the end of the day we stopped into the gift shop and got a stuffed baby monkey just like the real one we had seen.  She LOVES her new baby monkey.  Since the zoo he has gone with us everywhere. 

Ava got back in the Ergo for the metro trip home and even fell asleep for the last 15 minutes of the metro ride and woke up (quite unhappy) to me putting her in the HOT car.  Kate and I were sure she would go back to sleep after we dropped off Jamie and Juli but nope.  Here are some of the animals we saw.

Getting in the stroller at the entrance and getting loaded up with her cup and snacks.

This picture is through textured glass so it looks kind of weird but this is a sloth bear.

It must have been panda nap time

The elephant was Ava's favorite...she laughed and laughed and thought he was silly.

At the kids farm...kind of cool...would have been cooler if it had been a petting zoo like they had at Baughers.

These fish were bigger than Ava...kind of hard to tell from the pic but she loved the fish or shish at she would say.

This little guy was barricading the exit at the amazon exhibit.

It must of been tiger nap time too.  That or the animals are way smarter than us and knew it was too hot to be exerting so much energy.

Mr. Orangutan

Inside the Ape house

The baby just like the one we got at the gift store.

These guys were fighting with each other...check out how big the one is. 

I felt like I took more pictures but I guess I really didn't.  I did get this shot of Ava at lunch using my phone. 

She had such a good time!!!

Day One Hundred and Ninety-Nine

Singing stick...

Hmmm Wonder what I can do with this?!?!

Hmmm Maybe sing into it.

I think I may have a little singer on my hands.