Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day Fifty-One

Running Errands...

Today we did not end up doing much other than a few trips out and about to get some things done.  In the morning we went out to the bank and to get gas.  The original plan was to head out to Target as well but there were just too many people out.

Later in the evening Aaron and I went out to Target and Blockbuster.  We needed diapers and wipes and some other miscellaneous items.  We both got new water bottles so we can stop using so many plastic water bottles and to encourage us both to drink more water.  We also stopped by blockbuster to get a movie that wasn't there we we went earlier this week.  I think we'll be watching it tonight.  Here is a photo of my water bottle (Aarons is upstairs) and the new movie.

We haven't finished all of the movies from the other day.  We still have one of those left so I'll review them when we are done.  Plus Ava is asleep on my lap making it hard to type :)  Speaking of Ava, I'll leave you with some gems from February of last year taken with my trusty Kodak P&S...pre-Nikon.