Friday, September 2, 2011

Irene's mess, awful antibiotics, and canceled gymnastics

It's been quite a week.  I almost sat down to post on Saturday night during the hurricane while we still had power but I ended up playing a game of scategories with the family.  Then Aaron and I watched a movie until the power went out at almost midnight.  It wasn't long after that we heard my Mom in at the sump and went to look.  It was filled to the brim and from what it appeared the pump had not been running.  Needless to say it was long night and even with our best efforts the basement still flooded.  So now it smells and is in a state of disarray.  To add to the discomfort Aaron and I have been on really strong antibiotics for the last week and they really knock you down.  I feel sick and fatigued and if I walk around too much or exert too much energy my heart starts racing and I have to stop.  It's really making it pleasant to try to get the basement torn apart to be put back together.

So Wednesday morning I was pretty excited to get Ava to gymnastics thinking it would be good for both of us to take a break from the basement.  We pulled up out front along with one other parent/child and soon realized they were closed and there would be no gymnastics that morning.  Ava was upset to have to get back in her carseat because she said it was time to go inside.  We met the other Mom and her daughter at a park down the street so the girls could at least run around and have some fun.  I drive Ava about 30-40 minutes south of where we live for gymnastics so I figured she might as well get to "stretch her legs" a bit before heading home. 

I was hoping to get Ava out of the house again today but the weather doesn't seem like it wants to cooperate.  We will probably still run a few errands however, if her mood turns around.  Little miss woke up in quite the mood and so far hasn't been very agreeable. 

Let's go back to Saturday for a minute.  Before the hurricane put a damper on things and I wanted to make a quick post.  I pulled some things off my phone and was going to share them so here they are :)

Hot Chocolate with mini colored marshmellows...yum
 Eating her lollipop after her first gymnastics lesson
 She wasn't sure she wanted to leave because now the 3 &4 years olds were heading to the floor.
 She refused to change and stayed in her gymnastics outfit the whole day.
 Riding her bike
 and every night routine...she is going to hate cold weather
 She picked me a flower

 Lazy Layla

 This was actually the park trip on Wednesday


On a separate note...some of my Mom photag friends and I decided to do a 30 day photo challenge together.  Yesterday was the first day and of course we had to start with a whopper....the dreaded self portrait. 

Here are my in the ones I didn't pick since we only submit one.  I have always struggled to pick just one.

and this is the one I choose as my submission.

We submit one a day using a list of topics pre-set for each day of the month.  We have a private flickr group so we can critique and comment on each others photos.  Today the theme is what I wore and I'm still trying to come up with a creative way to shoot that. 

For now I'm being yelled at by my impatient almost three year old that it is time to go to the pet store.  The same place I have been trying to go for the last few hours but she hasn't wanted to go, or get dressed, or have her hair done.  Although now it appears it is me holding up the show so I must run.  Till next time...hope everyone has a great weekend.  Ours is sure to be exhausting if nothing else.