Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day One Hundred and Fourty-Eight

Water play...

Yesterday I took Ava outside to paint with water.  Basically we took her sand bucket and filled it with water and then I handed her a large clean paintbrush.  She went and grabbed her chalk from the garage and brought it around back so I combined the activities.  We would use the chalk to write on the stones and then "paint" over them and they would disappear.  This actually lasted a good fifteen minutes which is a pretty good stretch for one set activity.

Then she decided that it would be really fun to splash the water in the bucket.

After she splashed out almost all of the water we went back over to refill the bucket but she discovered another good place to splash water.

I like to let Ava experiment and explore especially when she is playing outside.  I will start her with an activity to get her going and then watch what she turns it into.  We like to keep in mind that it's the process and not the product and just let her enjoy herself.  It's so fun to watch carefree imaginative play.

I'll end today's post by sharing a picture of the red rose I mentioned before.  When we choose Rose as our daughters middle name this is what I pictured.

Day One Hundred and Fourty-Seven

Farm Fresh...

Friday Ava and I went to the Amish market in search of some more yummy strawberries.  Much to our disappointment we found none but we did score these beauties.  Yum, right!!  I love fresh fruits and veggies.