Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Eighty-Three

A different perspective...

In class today we did two more postural assessments on two new clients.  It is such a privilege to get people in for us to practice and fine tune our skills.  We are learning how to see the body from a new perspective.  To be aware that just because a person says they have lower back pain doesn't mean the "problem area" is their lower back.  The body is all connected and sometimes the pain we feel is the area we are using to compensate for another weakened or injured area.  If you don't address the weakened or injured area then you can never really fully address the compensation site.  It's really amazing to see how someone stands and then note all of there slight rotations, tilts, depressions, elevations, etc and mimic it to feel what they feel.  It's the small things that add together and create the big picture so tonight I carried that theme over into my photos and took photos of small parts of larger objects.