Friday, September 3, 2010

Fix it Friday #69

While Ava ate her breakfast this morning I decided to do some quick edits on the I heart Faces fix it friday photo.  I needed a break from sorting thru the rest of the vacation photos and this helped break up that cycle a bit.  

Again for those who haven't seen me do one of these.  This is not my photo.  The photo is supplied by I heart faces for people to edit or "fix".  

Here is the original.

For my first edit I just boosted the color, sharpened the photo, and adjusted the contrast a bit.  A very basic edit.  I also cropped the photo for each of my edits.

For my second edit I softened the photo and added a warm tint to it.  I really like this look for summer photos.

Click the I heart faces button at the top of this post to see what some of the other contributors edits look like.  Now I have to get back to sorting through more vacation :)