Friday, July 23, 2010

Day One Hundred and Ninety-Five thru Day One Hundred and Ninety-Eight

4 in 1...

195-Kind of a crappy cell phone pic but I was not about to get my point and shoot wet and I didn't even have my Nikon.  I tried to edit it to soften and add some color because the cell phone camera really blew out the whites.

196-Here is another photo straight from my camera because it appears I forgot to use my camera that day and I just so happened to have taken a photo of a new dress I got for Ava.  Isn't it super cute.

197-Now for some more videos.  I was giving Aaron a massage and a little miss someone decided she needed attention.

198- This last one was a random shot for the sake of taking a picture. 

Day One Hundred and Ninety-Four

Lights Out...

We went to Nan and Pops for lunch to find them without power.  Nan was prepared with her oil lamps.  These are the same oil lamps she use to do her homework by as a child.

Day One Hundred and Ninety-Three

What's this...

Here is a little video of Ava and her adorable little voice.

Day One Hundred and Ninety-Two


Speaking of trees we have some really cool looking roots in our yard.

This one here when we moved in.  I have no idea what it is left over from.

These are roots to one of the other old trees in the yard.

Day One Hundred and Ninety-One


One of the really old trees in our yard is dying.  It's actually really sad to see a tree die. Ava and I would sit under this tree last summer for shade and now it has almost no leaves at all.

Day One Hundred and Ninety

Shades of Purple...

Day One Hundred and Eighty-Nine

Sugar and Spice...

She just had to have her babies and toothbrush to go out...

Sandy Toes...

Someone still had chocolate pudding on her face ;)

Where is your mouth?

Where is your nose?

then she spotted a plane and I lost her attention

It's Craptastic

I freaking fell behind AGAIN. 

I'm think I'm going to blame it on school and the summer semester ending.  I have two weeks left...well nope scratch that.  One week left or three classes left.  Then of course I can throw some blame on our fun summer trips we took recently to the sprinkler park and the zoo.  In fact I think we will hit up the sprinkler park again this week.  Ava LOVED it. 

I can also blame my laziness and forgetfulness because there were a few times I forgot my camera.  Like the trip to the sprinkler park so you might just be getting a good ole camera phone pic.  Gotta love technology. 

Sooo....let me back track and figure out where I left off and what I need to post.