Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day Sixty-Six

Busy Weekend Day Two...

We got to take Ava to the park today and it was so much fun.  She hasn't been since last fall and so much has changed since then.  She had a ball running around and we even got to eat lunch at a picnic table together.  Here is picture overload of the fun.











Day Sixty-Five

Busy Weekend Day One...

On Saturday Ava and Mommy went to a bridal shower for my cousins to be bride.  The shower happened to be near the movie theater Aaron and I use to frequent (pre-Ava) so I thought it would be a good opportunity for our first trip back since having Ava.  Yes Aaron and I have only been out once alone and that was to dinner when Ava was about two months old.  What is there to say, we LOVE being with Ava and it's hard to go out without her.  It's just weird!

Anyways here are a few pictures of Ava at the shower.

The coveted ba'oon (cousin Amy is giving her a boost :) )

Grandma being a makeshift gate...Ava tried the whole party to get up the stairs. the end of the shower we went up to get our jackets.

I didn't take many pictures because sometimes it's hard to enjoy parties from behind the lens.  After the shower Ava rode home with Grandma and Aaron picked me up to go see shutter island.  It was good and a nice treat for us both.  However we were happy to get back home to the little miss and go to sleep.