Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day One Hundred and Fourty-Four

Finding new inspiration...

I'll admit that I have been lacking motivation the last few weeks.  I had the end of a semester to get through and it seemed like I was at school on the nice days and when I was home it was cold and dreary.  Go figure, right!!  Since it seems to be getting nicer I'm trying to get outside with my camera.  I have been looking at my photos from last summer and fall when it was nice and they look awesome compared to my winter photos.

I still haven't made it beyond my own backyard but I will.  I am hoping the warmth, the sunshine, and the blue skies will help bring my photography new life.  I need inspiration and I think it is outside of this house.  This means field trips for Ava and I.  I want to take her to a local plantation that has beautiful gardens, then maybe historic downtown Annapolis.  Thanks to the Ergo we can walk around Annapolis and I can be hands free to shoot what I want.  I LOVE my Ergo!!! 

So anyways here are some pics from Tuesday of Ava playing outside.

Here she is pointing out a plane or "pane" for me.  I love in the evening when the moon starts to show but it is still light out.  She will walk around saying a pane and the moon.  The moon the moon!!! So cute!!!  She can see the tiniest planes way up in the sky and point them out.  It is so amazing to see how much she is aware of now.

An over the shoulder view of Ava playing with the rocks.

This one was priceless.  She ran over and reached up high and touched the leaves.  She was so proud that she was tall enough and could reach them.  She came and got me and said tree and showed me she could touch it.