Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rewind....catch up....

A little bit of Sunday and Monday before I finish up Tuesday.

Dinner and hanging out at Uncle Doug and Aunt Denise's

 this little bugger turned away from me every time I tried to capture him/her walking towards the camera.
 She covered herself in stickers on the way over

Then yesterday we went to Nan's

 She was bound and determined to get the door open herself.  Little does she know there are only a small number of us who can actually open it.
 "I do it"
 "No Mommy, No Nana"
 "I do it, no touch it"

Eventually she dropped the keys which I quickly snatched up and turned the key in the lock and handed them back to her so she could think she did it.

Toddler Tuesday 6/7/11

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! 

It's also Toddler Tuesday where I like to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of photographing a toddler.  Today we were having a picnic lunch and afterwards we were doing puzzles.  I had my camera and decided to try to get a few pictures of Ava and I together.  Well I didn't get very far because she wanted to do it.  I thought ok let's see how this works.

Step 1:  Press button for timer.

Step 2:  Tell Ava to press the BIG button

Step 3: Tell her to hurry, hurry and lay next to me

Step 4:  Wait for it, wait for it

Step 5:  See what magic my toddler caught

She did really well.  A few times she slide and fell into place or was still moving as the shutter clicked.  A couple of times she also got her arm in the way while the camera focused so it thru the focus off.  Overall though we got some great shots that I processed and now will share. 

This was really fun and Ava seemed to really enjoy it.  She likes to take pictures so I'm sure we'll be doing this again.

Love that Shot-A few of my favorite things

Love that shot is celebrating their first birthday and in honor of that they are hosting some link ups this week.  Today's link up topic is "a few of my favorite things".  I took this photo last week and just love it.  It captures a few of my favorite things so well...Nana, Ava, and just summers at Nan and Pops.  Some of my favorite childhood memories were created there and now new ones are being created for Ava. 

Click the button above to view there site.

I heart faces...From a Distance

This week's theme is from a distance focusing on photos that capture a larger scene.  It's still a must to include a face/person but "from a distance".  I captured this photo the other night of my Mom and cousin Chris showing Ava a cucumber that was ready to be picked.

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