Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Woes

Today we took Ava to the fair.  It was an experience but not quite the experience I had envisioned.  It was unbelievably hot and it was bordering very close to nap time.  She didn't like the idea of a pony ride which led to tears, which lead to eating soggy cotton candy from tear covered hands, which led to only one ride because it was clear she wasn't in the right mood but we had to do at least one ride.  The highlights were that she really liked seeing all of the animals up close and that she did enjoy the carousel ride. 

Did I mention I also took my camera but forgot my memory card so we have no pictures.  That she only slept for a short time on the way home and got no real nap.  That because of that she was super fussy and cranky the rest of the day. 

Ahhh, such is life I suppose.  You make memories with your children and try to provide fun experiences.  I guess they don't always turn out as planned though.  With a toddler I figure we never really know until we get there.  Last weekend we did apple picking and she loved it.  It could have very easily went the other way around. 

Since I didn't take my camera to the fair here are some from this evening.  Some times I just don't know where my little baby went.

Look at those long lean legs...where did those fat chubby short legs go

She looks too old...I don't like it one bit

I think I may have to go cry now

and this look...this is the look of a 13 year old Ava who finds me annoying.  Not an almost two year old Ava..she can't find me annoying can she?!?!

Well at least she still thinks I'm funny

Really, I mean really, when did she get this big. 

Thought I forgot didn't ya

Well I didn't...I just haven't sat down to post and I've been trying to work on a post of the videos but each one takes so long to load.  I should have it done sometime this weekend. 

So I last posted Tuesday so I owe you a few photos.

WED- So on the advice of a few of my friends from my online mom group I went and bought these.  They are single dose packets of benadryl.  They only come in the dosage for older children but it's much easier to tote around than an extra bottle of the stuff.  I just won't give her the whole thing but it will be nice to be able to stash a few of these and always have them on me. 

Thur- I had been meaning to photograph this little doll for a while now.  Aaron did a job at the McCormick plant and bought this for Ava while he was there.  There is something so special about gifts bought for little girls by their Fathers.  I can remember everything down to the little happy meal toys my Dad use to bring me when he drove for SnapOn.   Let's see if I can recall some that really stick out in my memory...the snap-on radio that looked like a tool box, complete with a Michael Jackson tape (really wish I still had that), the umbrella he woke me up to give me back when I was in third grade (I even remember thinking "o, no I must be in trouble" at first), the deer skin purse with bone beads and rock a wolf had peed on from Canada (still have those), the little stuffed moose from another hunting trip (still have that too), a beautiful porcelain guardian angel (tragically that was broken) and I mourned that darn thing too, an awesome blue electric scooter (still have but unfortunately I don't have the key), a really cool cooler/grill that we use to use all the time at the track (still have but we are boring and don't go anywhere anymore), a set of tiny baby dolls the year I was sick (still have those), an awesome hamper filled with goodies when I moved out (still have everything that wasn't perishable/used), a palm pilot back when they were the latest and greatest, and then mix in a bunch of random gift cards and things just because he had them.  Point that I am trying to make is that things like this really do mean a lot and really are remembered.  I can't say that Ava being so young will remember this doll in particular but I will and I will tell her about it one day. 

O and Mom, I also remember the countless trips to the mall just because, paying to get my hair done to make me feel good (many times), my first pair of diamond ear rings for my thirteenth birthday, my pearl ring for my sixteenth birthday, NYC, Greenbrier, and of course the grocery shopping and all that other tedious necessity stuff that someone had to do.  I could go on and on because I do have a really odd ability to remember things from even a very young age but it's late and I have another post to do. 

Wait...but while we are here and I'm talking about gifts from my parents let's go there.  Thanks for the 1987 Chrysler first car.  I know it was bought because my Dad thought it was cool because it was a convertible and my Mom most likely liked the price tag but really lets face it, that thing wasn't at the top of my list for first cars...haha.  I will say this, the car kept me from speeding because anything over 65mph and the car would shake violently.  It also taught me to always keep my tank full because well, the gas gauge didn't work.  Most importantly it taught me to appreciate my next car that I actually contributed too.  Ironically I also missed that car when I moved on from it.  I think the day I began to appreciate it was the first day I drove another car.  I don't appreciate it leaving me on the side of the road twice but I appreciate the lesson.  It served it's purpose and if I had it all to do over again I wouldn't change it. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fresh Veggies

I love fresh veggies straight from the earth, no grocery store germs floating about.  These were given to my Grandmother and she kindly shared with me.  I cooked the eggplant tonight and will fry up the okra Thursday. 


This morning it took quite a long time for the benadryl to take Ava's hives away.  This was even after waking her in the middle of the night to make sure she didn't miss a dose.  They really didn't look good and she was itchy again so I called her pedi.  They wanted me to bring her in so I left from school and headed straight there.  Now we have the order to get the blood drawn for the allergy test.  Guess I'll be tackling that battle this week.  She will not be a happy camper for that but at least we will have some answers.  Peanuts or no peanuts...that is the question!

Monday, September 20, 2010

September Faves!!!

I have a lot of favs but not a lot of "days" photos.  My photos really only come from a few days that I really felt on and caught some great things.  September hasn't been a good month creatively for photography.  I have been so busy with trying to get organized for school and starting the semester off right that I just haven't taken many shots I'm really proud of.  I do have some funny videos I can upload tomorrow.

Where to start...I guess with a little mini set I did with Ava on Memorial Day weekend.

After we were done she went and played in the water from Aaron washing the car.

School started the next day and let's just say that most of my photos following that were "forced" efforts.  Apparently my creative bug doesn't like to be prefers more freedom.

The next real noteworthy photos after that were from apple-picking this weekend.  I enjoyed getting the camera out to catch the moments.

and since the memory card I used to take the photos for Sunday is the one in the computer then I guess I might as well share those too.

I used some of the apples we picked to make apple pancakes Sunday morning.

Ava really liked them...she normally doesn't eat pancakes.

I'll add some of my fave September videos tomorrow.

Kids are Resilient

Boy, do children recover quickly.  I would have sleep all day after the kind of morning Ava had.  Here she is playing after her nap.  These photos are SOOC (straight out of the camera) and with flash so excuse the quality.  The subject of course is as cute as ever.

Total Fail

Ok so I have had one of the worst mornings ever.  It was completely scary and now I am exhausted.  This morning started off normal (as normal as anything ever is).  Ava and I came up and I put on the coffee and put on her cartoons.  I got her settled in with a bowl of cereal and her water.  I came to sit and check email and a few minutes into Ava's breakfast I looked over at her and noticed she looked a little red...kind of like when skin gets cold and has goose bumps.  I went over to touch her to see if she needs a blanket and realized something else was going on.  Ava was reacting to something.

First Signs...

I took away her cereal and water and she was pissed.  I gave her a different she has had countless times before and called my Dad to ask if he could bring us some benadryl. 

I thought back to my first aid training and other common sense things about allergic reactions and decided to wait for the benadryl before doing anything else.  She was breathing fine, the rash was not covering her whole body because her belly/back were clear, she was swallowing fine, talking fine, no fever, and her temperament other than being agitated from being itchy was normal.

Here is what she looked like just after taking benadryl.  This was the rash at it's worst point.

Here she is a half hour after taking the medicine.

This is an hour after...

and an hour and a half after.

She is now sleeping and I can finally calm down some.  I am still paranoid to give her much of anything.  The cereal was peanut butter and chocolate puffs that she has had at Nana's plenty of times without reacting.  She has also had peanut butter countless times and been fine.  I talked to a nurse at her pedi's office and they said it could still be a peanut allergy or it could be an odd coincidence.  They gave me everything I need to look for and watch out for until her 2 year appointment at which time we will discuss possible allergy testing.  For now she is OFF peanut anything.

So there went my easy day to catch up on things.  Seeing how busy and hectic things have been lately I am going to come back later and just post some of my favorite photos up to today instead of having to go back and post everything I have.  I just don't have the time and energy to take that task on today and I'd like to move forward and not get any further behind.

So for now I need to go start cooking my lunches for the week but I will be back today with my September favorites.  Then hopefully I can get back on track.  We can consider this post to be todays photos since it is definitely something I will NEVER EVER forget.