Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A phone dump and some train thoughts...

Haha that title sounds funny when you read it.

Here are some photos I've been meaning to share off my phone.



Hot chocolate


I LOVE this...taken in Nan's backyard.  So wished I had my camera on me but super glad I at least had my phone.
Full of Sass
Pouting because I told her if she didn't slow down she was going to bust her butt on the floor...apparently three year olds are super emotional.
The fall leaf wreath Ava made...inspired by pinterest.
A sweet pink headband made by one of my MOM friends. 

All of the above photos were edited with the Instagram app.  Love that little app.

Ok, on to the trains.  Now that Ava's birthday is over I need to start thinking about Christmas.  Originally we were going to do dance lessons but with her moving up to the big girl gymnastics class and the expense of dance I decided we would wait another year.  I want to give her a chance to see if she likes and enjoys gymnastics first.  Soooo, of course she is really into Thomas and friends.  She has Thomas but talks all the time about Percy, James, Emily, etc etc etc.  Oh and sodor...she is always talking about sodor.  So I have been scoping out craigslist looking for a train table in good shape.  I figure if I can score a good table from craigslist with maybe even some tracks or extra trains it would really help us give her "more" for Christmas.  Plus I'm sure Santa would appreciate us thinking about his budget ;)  Then we could get her a few new trains/tracks and she will be set.  I can't imagine the happy overload if she were to find a train table on Christmas morning.  So if anyone knows of someone looking to unload some Thomas stuff or a table let me know.  Also if you happen to come across one on craigslist send me the link.  

Ava wants to look at more trains on amazon so I have to run.  Wish us luck tomorrow with her first big girl gym class.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkins, tractors, and more fall fun...

This past Saturday we took Ava to a local farm for fall pumpkin fun.  They had a lot of activities for kids including a petting zoo, barrel rides, corn maze, straw bail maze, corn kernel box (kind of like a sand box but with corn), straw pits to jump into, and of course pumpkins.  They happened to be having an antique tractor pull the same day and Ava wanted to go watch it before we left.  In fact, she wanted to head there first instead of getting a pumpkin but I wanted to get over to the "pumpkin" side before it got too packed.

and while I went to upload those I saw a few quick shots from Friday night that I need to share.

our first pinterest craft...we have done two more since but I need to get pictures.
 Pizza sauce + clean dress = disaster, so she wore a t-shirt for the evening
 This is how she loves on Layla

To further emphasize fall Ava and I took a trip to the park on Sunday to collect leaves and pinecones for more art projects.  Oh and for Mommy to get a chance to photograph the lovely fall scenery.

and of course I can't pass up an opportunity to capture this fall cutie.

 gathering her pinecones


 the bigger pinecones painted for a Christmas centerpiece (it was going to be fall but seeing as we have mostly primary colors in our paint supply it was changed to Christmas).  We are going to pick a few small ones from the tree out back and get some gold glitter for those.  Thanks to pinterest for the ideas.
 Why does she all of a sudden look way to big for her trike.  Poppie got it for her for her second birthday so I think I'll let her ride it for a few more months.  We can upgrade next spring.  Oh and she is wearing a paint smock...not some kind of funny jacket.

This week marks a big step for Ava.  Wednesday she moves up to the 3&4 year old class and I no longer go with her.  It's going to be an adjustment for her I'm sure but I hope she has fun with the older kids.  I'll post later this week with updates.  Her teacher is the older sister of one of my best friends from high school so at least I'm comfortable with that and know she is in good hands.  Well, this Momma needs to get pjs on her baby girl and head out for some late night errands to red box and cvs with Daddy.  Sometimes we are lucky and little miss goes to sleep in the car. 

Bye for now.