Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let's get a few things out of the way...

Those few things would be catching up on the last few days for sake of this project.  Then I can begin to share with you the TON of photos and videos from our trip.

234- packing...I hate packing

235-  a long drive and the unpacking meant this is what you get.  A simple snapshot...nothing fancy.  The camera made it out of the bag long enough for me to put in the SD card we had to pick up on the way.  Yup, about 30 minutes from home I realized the SD card was sitting on the nightstand. 

236- A beautiful brisk (meaning 50 degree weather) WV morning.  I stepped out in my pj shorts and tank and quickly ran back in to cover up.

237- We did some sight seeing and one of the places we visited was a really cool state park called beartown.

238- I did a little mini shoot with Ava in the yard at our cabin.  I'll share more of these later :)

239- Headed Home

240- Sadly enough the camera didn't make it back out of the bag Monday.  However I did have the flip on me so here are two videos from the park.

vid1- she has gone down this thing more times than I can count and this has never happened.

vid2- check out what she does to keep it from happening again

241- Today we stood in line for about two hours to get our books.  Seriously it was out of hand.  Ava behaved extremely well and we only had a quick meltdown right before we checked out.