Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twinkling Christmas lights

**The draft for this post was started back in December before Christmas but not finished till today (1/4/12) so if I seem to jump back between past and present that's why**

This year we took Ava to two, make that three light shows and made a trip downtown to see the national tree display.  Early in December we went to Ann Marie Gardens to do the walk thru the sculpture garden which was adorned with really cool light displays.  It was really cold, in fact one of our first actual cold nights but Ava didn't seem to mind. 

This was at Ann Marie

 Someone was not happy when we reached the end.
 She demanded we go back thru but it was so cold we had to convince her to walk back to the car which was on the other side of the gardens.

Can you believe that's only like half of the pictures I took.  This was by far the most bang for your buck as far as how much they had crammed into a smallish space.  The downside was having to walk in the cold.  If it hadn't been so cold we probably would have turned around and walked back through again.

The weekend before Christmas we continued our now family tradition of going to the train restaurant and to see lights.  Ava calls it the train restaurant because it has a train that runs along the ceiling inside.  Aaron and I like it because it's really good seafood and it's always decorated so nice for the holidays.  After dinner we go back to our side of the bay bridge to sandy point state park to see the lights there.  Last year we got in with no wait but this year we did have to sit in a line to get it.  I kind of wish they would rearrange or add some new things though because it was pretty much exactly as it was last year.  New to Ava though because I'm sure she doesn't remember last year.

Here is Ava all dressed and ready to go.  I need to take some pictures of her and her Grandma for a calendar that was being put together for Grandad.

I was lucky to get one photo of Ava smiling but my settings were a bit off.  I was trying to get us ready and out the door and Ava really wasn't in the mood to cooperate.

I didn't take any pictures of us at the restaurant...I wish I had but I guess we were too busy eating.

The next day for my Sister's birthday we went out to eat in old town and then headed downtown to see the national light display.  Ava's favorite thing of all things to like was the metro...silly girl and her "trains".

This picture was taken outside of the restaurant by my Sister's best friend Missy who was in town for Kate's birthday.  I literally had to grab Ava and drag her over to the photo because she was ready to go back to the car and go to the lights.

On the Metro

 Sitting on Aunt Bevs shoulders

  The monument in the distance

 and Percy too :)
 Waving to Daddy who had gone riding so we kept him posted via texts
 Missy took this one too.  Its rare that I'm in photos since I'm normally the only one taking them.  Miss Ava is trying to escape again of course.
  Waiting for the metro back to Va to get our car and head home.

After Christmas Aunt Bev, Jamie, Juli, Nan, Mom, Ava and I went to another light display in northern VA.  It was really cool with newer LED lights and fairytale themes.  I didn't take any pictures though.  I took my camera but sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the ride.  
That gets me caught up on our Christmas activities. I'll post later with the remainder of the Christmas pictures and such.  For now it's time to figure out lunch for Ava.