Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A cold trip to the park...

We went to the park earlier and since the sun refused to show it's face it was a bit on the cold side.  I pulled up my weather app and it said 48 degrees.  I would describe it as cloudy, brisk, and breezy.  Not quite park weather but we layered up and braved the cold in hopes to soak up a bit of vitamin D through the clouds.  I did have to eventually pry Ava away and she shed a few tears which quickly disappeared when I told her we were going home for lunch.  She quickly started telling me her "order".

I had a bittersweet realization on Sunday at the grocery store.  The magazines are at the end of the baby aisle and Aaron always stops to look at them.  As I pushed Ava down the aisle and looked around I realized we no longer need ANYTHING down that aisle.  We never really needed much down it since Ava was 100% breastfed and I made her baby food so we only ever really picked up soap, lotion, diapers, and wipes.  (Makes me wonder how much I saved by not buying formula and food??)  Ava has to now use a special soap and lotion for her sensitive eczema prone skin and it's in the first aid area.  Also, she is as of the last month 100% potty trained and no longer wears pull ups at all.  She did for a time still wear them to bed and on longer car trips.  I am so proud of her potty training success but it also has forced me to realize that my baby is becoming a little girl.  She is growing up and becoming more and more independent each day.

Where oh where has my little baby gone....

shoot one 459e

shoot one 478e

shoot one 506e







Day 78.5

Just some of the many photos that make me cry every time I see them.  Having a toddler is so fun but man o man are babies scrumptious.  Every chubby, wrinkled inch of them.

Weekend Fun...

Saturday we took Ava to the park...

Sunday we went to Ann Marie Gardens and then to brunch.  When we came home Aaron washed the car and Ava and I went out in our rainboots to splash in the water.

"Come on guys"...seriously I think she said that more times than I can count.

Practicing her skills

 Playing in the water later that day.