Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day Seventy-Seven

A beautiful day and a duck fight...

Today was such a nice day and I'm starting to feel semi-human again.  Aaron was home with us so we went to the park this afternoon.  I took some photos of the views and wished I could have captured one of the best of the day but my hands were full.

We were feeding the ducks so I was holding Ava and the bag of bread which did not leave a hand for a camera.  Plus I am one of those super paranoid people who always pictures myself dropping my valuables in the water.  So picture me standing over water with Ava and the camera...the camera was for sure going in.  So seeing that I could not have my camera in hand I will have to paint the picture for you.

We began feeding these two small ducks who were nearby and slowly more and more ducks began to come over.  This mallard came over and he was a lot larger than the other.  He must have been the leader of the pack because there was an older looking mallard of equal size but this mallard pushed through even him.  He came over and flapped his wings and almost pulled himself completely out of the water.  He made quite the show puffing out his chest and fluffing his feathers.  He was really quite mean so we tried to throw the bread to those on the outskirts of the circle but that would send him after those ducks.  Well the smallest mallard and the largest mallard got into it.  It was such a scene that they threw water splashing up over the walls like waves crashing onto the beach.  We had to run to not get wet.  I really wish I could have caught it because it would have been an amazing photo.

I did capture some other images from today and they are pretty favorite is the last one :)

There is just something that I LOVE about pictures of Ava and her Daddy.  It's like my world captured in one single's all there.