Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Bittersweet Ending

The last day of vacation is always so hard.  It's the day where you try to accomplish all that you had left on your vacation agenda.  This year I will not allow myself to obsess over cleaning and packing and just do a little as I go and rise early tomorrow to complete it.  I want to enjoy my last day here and make sure that Ava enjoys it too.  It's such an amazing gift to get to see her eyes light up over new experiences and new scenery.  A simple thing like the back steps to the cabin bring her so much enjoyment. 

Her older cousins and Nan taught her to fist pump so now instead of high fives she likes giving fist pumps.
 Picking Daisies
 Going up her favorite stairs
Enjoying my coffee on our last day
 Cup is almost empty...almost time to wake sleeping beauty
 Time to shead pj's and get dressed and head out on our last beautiful West Virginia summer day.

Photos are loaded and Ava is awake so I will bid you ado for the last time from West Virginia.