Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When Technology fails...

So I am getting further behind by the day.  So frustrating because I have some really great photos to share with you.  I think Thursday will be my day to catch up or at least I hope.  Our internet has been coming and going and I spent majority of my day last Friday talking with Comcast to get them to come out.  After taking to three different people I finally got someone to agree to send a tech out. 

Now said tech was scheduled to come out on Saturday between 8-11am...awesome right...next day service.  Well that was all too good to be true because our ghetto local piece of crap comcast office called and had rescheduled the appointment for this Wednesday from 8-11am.  I just don't understand how such a large company can have such crappy customer service.  I HATE dealing with them.  No fault of the techs because I find they are normally pleasant enough.

So that all being said we have had really shoty internet that will all but disappear for days at a time for no reason at all only to just pop back up at it's choosing.  When you have it you have to work quick because it is about as tempermental as a teenage girl.  There is no predicting it's mood.

I was so excited at the prospect of having fixed interenet...there is nothing better then technology you can rely on.  Well last week my Mom's computer and my sister's computer were infected by viruses.  Luckily my Mom's work fixed hers and I didn't quite finish with Kate's.  I had removed her viruses and cleaned the computer but the intenet explorer files were corrupt (thanks stupid people who like to infect us).  Before I had the chance to finish fixing hers my stupid computer got a virus.  Sunday night to be exact,  I was laying in bed reading and Aaron came in and said a virus thing popped up saying the computer was being infected.  It was already too late at that point.  So needless to say this week after our internet gets fixed I will be attempting to fix computers.  Luckily laptops are fairly easy to fix without much extra equipment.  I have my cds and a few external hard drives to help transfer data.  Re-formatting computers is one of those handy things you learn but hate to have to do. 

So by the end of this week I will hopefully be back in business but until then I promise there are some great photos to come.  Now I must run for now because Ava and I are going to meet my Dad for lunch and then her and I have to run to the grocery store.  I need to get something on for dinner tonight before I head to class.  Plus we got some yummy strawberries and cheeries yesterday when her and I went to a Mommy meet up at a farm.  So we will be making a few pies this week.  Yum yum!!!!  Aaron will definitely be happy about that. 

Bye for now!!! See you when I have fixed all of the technical difficulties!!