Thursday, January 6, 2011

Then and Now

We love leggings around are a pair of babylegs that have been around for a while.

Four Months Old- This was almost two years did she get so big.  This was yesterday...I swear it was and then I went to sleep and woke up and she is two....HOW???

and this was today...

Excuse me now while I go cry.

Just like Daddy!!!

Little girls can be just like their Daddy's too and the more and more reckless my little miss gets the more convinced I am that she is heading down her Daddy's footsteps.

We used her Christmas Money from her Great-Grandparents and got her this....
Please ignore the crappy cell phone pic(it isn't the last to be seen in this post either...gasp)

Ava is now the proud owner of her very own KTM Strider bike.  Her exact words were..."Mommy it's a Mommy it's a bike"  I said, "It's Ava's bike" and she just looked at me with the biggest smile on her face.

We waited until Daddy got home from work...literally until he walked in the door and then she got to ride it.

Then this morning she woke up ate breakfast and brought me her helmet.  Technically a helmet isn't exactly necessary at her current slow speed and the fact that she is indoors BUT come spring when she wants to go outside she will need to wear one so we might as well get her use to it now.


Aaron can take credit for her riding skills but I am taking credit for this because we all know Aaron doesn't work on his own bikes.

Here are a few videos from earlier this week and some pictures from last week...

She loves wearing my shoes around.

 We got a TV wall mount and Ava is in LOVE (so is Daddy)

This day Ava stayed in her jammies because she has a rash on her belly and back and was itchy.  Poor thing and her sensitive skin...benadryl is our friend in this house.