Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter and a bit more....

Well I made it past Easter which was my goal.  I really wanted to be able to be there with Ava and not in a hospital.  Oh course little did I know that I was going to be miserable all day Easter but at least I was here.

Saturday Aaron sat for a certification exam for work and PASSED!!!!!!!  So proud of him.  I think he is proud of himself as well which is really awesome to see.  That evening Ava dyed her easter eggs.  She was so excited about all the Easter activities.  She did all the dying herself and then added stickers.  I set it up and we watched her have a ball.  It was great!!!


That night I didn't get much sleep and Sunday I felt no better.  It was tough not being able to really interact with Ava but I was able to at least sit back and watch.  Thanks to Aaron for handling camera duties so we have evidence of her Easter egg hunt.

If you haven't already seen via facebook I have been keeping myself busy starting the ground work for a photography business.  I got my start with it back in 2000 in high school but never ventured past a hobby.  After some encouraging by a few of my good friends who are also photographers I decided why not.  I won't dive in fully until after this baby is born but I am doing prep work now.  I have my site, my facebook, a ton of new supplies, and most of my business paperwork complete (ie contracts, pricing sheets, etc)  Take a look at what I have so far.

and if you are on FB you should like my page.........there will be tons of photos of this baby on there very soon.

Now I have to run because Ava fell asleep in the car and has been napping.  She doesn't nap often (as in once every few months) so if I don't wake her soon then she will be hell on wheels to get to go to bed tonight.  Wish me luck!!!!