Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day One Hundred and Thirty-Seven


Normally she gets more into it then she did here but she was eating M&M's.  We all know how distracting that can be ;)

Day One Hundred and Thirty thru One Hundred and Thirty-Six

Bi-Polar Weather and a Semester's End...

It's been a week since I last posted...yikes.  However, my spring semester is over and in about a week I will begin my summer semester.  Time to readjust to a new schedule and hopefully some nicer weather.  The weather has been out of hand and all over the place.  Let's see where to start...what have we missed...

Ava loves Apples and now insists on eating them like a big girl.

Last day of school...(insert huge mega sigh of relief).  I got everything done and turned in and it felt like a miracle.  With Ava and Aaron getting sick right there at the end I got thrown off big time.

The pudding monster came out.  I have what I consider to be a fairly neat child at meal times.  She rarely gets her face messy and if her hands get too messy she likes you to wipe them.  However, this all goes out the window when she is eating pudding.

My brother got a turkey so I took a few pictures for him.  Guess I should have asked for permission to post them but o, well I own them...hahaha
then later that night we had one of those freaky thunder storms that rolls in real quick.  We even had hail...I don't think I have seen hail in forever. (there is a horrible glare from the light above the table...oops)

I got an aloe plant at the amish market.  My Grandmothers had them when I was little and with summer approaching I figured it might be a good thing to have around.

Internet Fail...stupid comcast.  Somehow we had a signal all day..you could see it, it was there.  However, we could not get on the internet.  I called and they said they couldn't get their signal to our modem and would send someone out Wednesday.  The internet came back on it's own though; guess I should call and cancel.

Day 136
Random photo because it was Monday.

That almost has me caught up.  Be right back with a post with another Ava video from today.