Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting August all caught up


This should do it....well at least it will get me caught up through yesterday.

226- These pictures are super blurry and crappy.  Not sure what was up with me that day.  Probably being preoccupied with making spaghetti sauce from scratch using tomatoes from my Uncles garden.  Man, talk about work.  It was yummy though.

227- Ava's pig cup.  My Dad finds the most awesome things.  She will say "Mommy, piggy....cup" I will say is it a piggy cup and she will say, "piggy.....cup" with like a two second pause in between.  So cute!

228-  Silly girl

229- So the second half of this week was spent changing Ava's room from a nursery to more of a toddler room.  I was only able to spend about an hour or two a day doing it because once Ava was over the project she would start undoing everything I was doing.  Normally my sign to move onto something new.  Wednesday we organized toys.

dress up stuff...she calls this her box.

230- Changing from crib to toddler bed.  Ok so I thought this would be simple.  I mean I put the crib together by myself when I was a good 8 months pregnant so I figured converting it to the toddler bed should be a cinch.  So the important factor that I forgot to add in was the whole toddler part.  Ava was climbing on pieces that weren't screwed together, jumping on the mattress support springs that were half attached and half on the ground, and then of course taking my tools so she could do it.  Now that was super adorable!

Good bye crib front

Hello Toddler support rails

I need to remember to pick up a pillow case cover for that body pillow.  That shade of pink is just a little too much for me to look at.  Notice she totally took over my little massage pillow.

231- These are some of Ava's receiving blankets.  I want to take some of the favorites that were used a lot and make them into a large quilt for her to use for years to come.  That sounds like a good winter project.

Now I need to go find something for my subject today.  Hmmm......


Becky's Shower {Day 225}

My cousin Becky is having a little boy in September.  Can't babies are so cute and cuddly.  Here are some of the shots I managed to get.  I try not to overwhelm myself with taking pictures at family functions so I can make sure I make time to socialize and enjoy myself as well.  I took most of these while Ava was busy eating a cupcake :)

August catch up part 2

Day 217 - 224


218- more cell phone pics :)

219- Finally an alternative to ice cream that is just as smooth and creamy

220- another trip to the park...we have to get to this park before 10am because the equipment gets so hot.


222-  I LOVE sephora samples :)

223- Love This....Thanks Nan!!!

224- This is why I love summer...