Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Quick Museum Trip

We decided to go to a local Marine Museum on Friday just for a quick outing.  With the weather there isn't much you can really do to get out especially with small children so this was perfect.  We took Ava there last March but this time she was much more interested in asking questions and seeing all the different displays.  She really liked the play room where each kid gets to dig for a fossil, shark tooth, or shell to take home.  There is also a little boat and a small lighthouse to play on as well as turtles to pet and low tanks with various marine animals to watch.  In the back of the museum are some more tanks of local marine wildlife and displays of locally found fossils and artifacts.  She really wasn't as interested in the boat displays and other historical marine displays but maybe next time she will be.  

When we are looking for things to do together we typically try to find something more educational for a few reasons.  One, kids this young are like sponges and love to learn, it's typically a good family environment,  and it's normally pretty affordable.  Ava at this point has no clue what a chuckie cheese is and hopefully that remains true for some time to come.  Eventually she will probably get invited to a birthday party at one but for now while she is impressionable I'd rather just stay away from them.  She goes to gymnastics once a week so I feel that even during the winter she is getting some physical outlet.  

Anyways back to the topic at hand....the musuem...
Excuse some of the blurry grainy photos...I was playing around and experimenting with some camera settings.
 Digging for her shark tooth
 Showing Daddy her treasure
 Playing in the boat...she kept telling us to climb aboard.

 My favorite picture of the day

 As a mermaid
 She was more interested in being a pirate though

Next week we are planning an aquarium trip because she hasn't gone there since before she could walk.  We aren't fans of Baltimore so we don't go there often but it was that or the DC zoo and well it's winter so the aquarium it is.  Since we will be going to another place to explore and learn about marine life I am going to look today for a few educational activities to do at home with her next week.  In fact as soon as I post this I will need to spend some time planning next weeks lessons/activities.  
Before I go I'll share two videos of Ava showing off her scooter skills.
Her new trick

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends.  See you again soon with some more activities and fun to share.