Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day One Hundred and Fifty

Backyard play...

It was a beautiful 3 day weekend and we spent it relaxing and Ava spent it in the backyard.  Here was her playzone.  I think you can even see her swing in the background of one of the photos.

and here is little missy watching cartoons and cooling off.

Day One Hundred and Fourty-Nine

Sand play...

Where there is water there must be sand right?  At least that is usually the case in nature so why not in the backyard too.  Sunday Aaron and I took Ava to get a sandbox.  In the beginning of Spring it seemed that our child would not sit still long enough to play in a sandbox or a pool so we didn't get one.  She still has her little pool from last summer and so far she just likes to jump in it and splash around and then hop out and on to something else.  If she decides to actually play in the pool and sit in the pool I may upgrade her from the $5 itty bitty baby pool but for now looks like that $5 pool will be around for it's second summer. 

Back to the sandbox...we have noticed that in the last few weeks Ava has actually started to sit and color with her chalk, play with the rocks, sit and smush bugs (gross I know but since I HATE bugs I'm fine it she lessens that population).  We talked about it and decided she would probably like to have a sandbox so we took her and picked one out. 

Her first day in it she couldn't get over the sand being on her feet.  She would pick them up and look at the bottoms of them and then look at us like what is this stuff.  We played with some of the toys and just let her get the "feel" of things.  Here she is in her sandbox for the first time.

Isn't she so cute in her little sundress :)