Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day One Hundred and Seventy-Three

New life...

We have babies...I think their are five or six of them.  I couldn't get close enough to really get a good shot because I would have had to get out a ladder and risk being attacked by Mom and Dad.  Here are our new babies...aren't they cute.

Ok so there not exactly cute but they are babies :)

Day One Hundred and Seventy-Two

Sandbox friends...

I had to go back and post these from yesterday because I skipped them...oops.

Ava was in her sandbox and I had gone over to turn on the hose and fill up her pool when she started saying bug, bug, bug.  Normally they don't freak her out but she was trying to get out and I thought it must be trying to get to her.  I walked over and saw there was definitely something in there but it was no bug.

I helped her get out of the sandbox and into the pool while we let Mr. Toad chill out in the sand.  He really seemed to enjoy it and Ava was not happy when he hopped out and left.  Here are some more photos from her playing yesterday.

and the prize winner...she actually looked at the camera which she hasn't done for MONTHS.  I was so excited that I started yelling "yay, your looking at the camera".  You can totally already see on her face that she thinks I'm nuts.

Day One Hundred and Seventy-One

Blue Summer Skies..

I feel like the blue of a summer sky is almost euphoric.  It seems like days that it is hidden behind clouds we feel down but when the sky is blue everything seems better.  It was cloudy but that blue is just so blue.

Extra Fathers Day Post

I was going to attach this to the previous post with our pictures from Father's Day but I figure it needs it's own post. I spent some time over the last few weeks making a DVD slideshow for Aaron for Father's Day. This was his gift from Ava to him. It came in a personalized case that matched the DVD, which had a few of the slide show photos on it. I will warn you that to watch it you may want to make sure you have some time and tissues. Aaron got to watch it with Ava Fathers Day morning :) Enjoy!!

Day One Hundred and Seventy

Father's Day....

We slept in a bit even though we had our drive back home ahead of us.  I took our tray from our room and went down to the continental breakfast and got stuff for us to eat.  After breakfast I went and got a cart and packed up our stuff and loaded the cart. 

We drove to Gettysburg and stopped for brunch at Ruby Tuesdays.  Then drove to the battlegrounds to stretch our legs a bit before heading the rest of the way home.  It was hot but Ava enjoyed running and climbing the rocks.  I didn't even know she knew how to say rocks but she got out of the car and said "rocks" and took off to them. 

It was a good day but a LONG day...well a long weekend.  After our drive home we were all exhausted so I ordered carry out from Carabas which was yummy. 

Here are some shots from Gettysburg.

Day One Hundred and Sixty-Nine

A wedding, the heat, and little people...

That's what our Saturday was all about.  We went to a wedding and the reception was outside and it was HOT.  To be more specific it was the kind of hot where you can feel your skin burning and the air was so humid that it was almost too thick to breath in.  You were covered in sweat that just sat on your skin because there was no breeze to dry it off.  The little ones didn't complain as much as the adults but I imagine that's just because they aren't really old enough to say this sucks bring on the a/c. 

At one point I took Ava to the car to sit in the a/c and watch a movie and she was so cute when the air hit her.  She smiled and said cold and closed her eyes and breathed it in.  Even a small child can appreciate climate control. 

Here are a few photos of the kids sharing dinner.

and here is Ava and her cousin Ryan chilling after dinner was done.

Day One Hundred and Sixty-Eight

Play equipment improvising...

We stayed in a hotel Friday and Saturday night because we had gone out of town for a wedding.  Ava did really well to occupy herself.  I took some movies and two of her favorite toys from home as well as a few balls but for the most part she improvised with what the hotel room had to offer.  She climbed on the chairs and ran across the beds.  She'll climb pretty much whatever she has access to.

Day One Hundred and Sixty-Seven

Feeding the Piggy...

Everyday Ava gets to feed her piggy and she really loves the days she gets whole handfuls of coins for her bank.