Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day One Hundred and Seventy-Two

Sandbox friends...

I had to go back and post these from yesterday because I skipped them...oops.

Ava was in her sandbox and I had gone over to turn on the hose and fill up her pool when she started saying bug, bug, bug.  Normally they don't freak her out but she was trying to get out and I thought it must be trying to get to her.  I walked over and saw there was definitely something in there but it was no bug.

I helped her get out of the sandbox and into the pool while we let Mr. Toad chill out in the sand.  He really seemed to enjoy it and Ava was not happy when he hopped out and left.  Here are some more photos from her playing yesterday.

and the prize winner...she actually looked at the camera which she hasn't done for MONTHS.  I was so excited that I started yelling "yay, your looking at the camera".  You can totally already see on her face that she thinks I'm nuts.

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