Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day Fifty-Eight

Precious sleep....

When you have a child your first and probably hardest lesson is how to function on little to no sleep.  You can no longer nap or lay down just because you're tired.  In fact, you will most likely go to sleep hours after you should have and wake up hours before you're ready to.  Sleep is no longer a necessity but a luxury and as a nursing Momma it was deprivation times ten.  Nursing your baby takes more energy than most people realize because your body becomes a machine; working around the clock.  It is busy meeting your babies every need so not only are you just tired but your body needs rest.

One of the greatest tricks I have learned as a Mom is how to efficiently power nap.  I'm talking closing your eyes for fifteen minutes and actually feeling refreshed.  That was something I never knew how to do prior to being a Mom.

Today we set up our new mattress set.  We got it back during the snow storm and haven't been able to get it in the house.  It has been sitting in the garage but today we got it in.  So tonight I should enjoy a good nights sleep.  Sleep is a parents greatest gift to themselves.