Monday, September 20, 2010

September Faves!!!

I have a lot of favs but not a lot of "days" photos.  My photos really only come from a few days that I really felt on and caught some great things.  September hasn't been a good month creatively for photography.  I have been so busy with trying to get organized for school and starting the semester off right that I just haven't taken many shots I'm really proud of.  I do have some funny videos I can upload tomorrow.

Where to start...I guess with a little mini set I did with Ava on Memorial Day weekend.

After we were done she went and played in the water from Aaron washing the car.

School started the next day and let's just say that most of my photos following that were "forced" efforts.  Apparently my creative bug doesn't like to be prefers more freedom.

The next real noteworthy photos after that were from apple-picking this weekend.  I enjoyed getting the camera out to catch the moments.

and since the memory card I used to take the photos for Sunday is the one in the computer then I guess I might as well share those too.

I used some of the apples we picked to make apple pancakes Sunday morning.

Ava really liked them...she normally doesn't eat pancakes.

I'll add some of my fave September videos tomorrow.

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