Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Craptastic

I freaking fell behind AGAIN. 

I'm think I'm going to blame it on school and the summer semester ending.  I have two weeks left...well nope scratch that.  One week left or three classes left.  Then of course I can throw some blame on our fun summer trips we took recently to the sprinkler park and the zoo.  In fact I think we will hit up the sprinkler park again this week.  Ava LOVED it. 

I can also blame my laziness and forgetfulness because there were a few times I forgot my camera.  Like the trip to the sprinkler park so you might just be getting a good ole camera phone pic.  Gotta love technology. 

Sooo....let me back track and figure out where I left off and what I need to post. 


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